Lensen Lab

Marga C. Lensen

Technische Universität Berlin

Nanopatterned Biomaterials

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  Straße des 17. Juni 124

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Recently our new book chapter has been published:

Cigdem Yesildag, Zhenfang Zhang, Fang Ren, Gonzalo De Vicente, and Marga C. Lensen, “Nano- and Micro-Patterning of Gold Nanoparticles on PEG-Based Hydrogels for Controlling Cell Adhesion,” in Noble and Precious Metals, Properties, Nanoscale Effects and Applications, Mohindar Seehra, Ed. IntechOpen, 2018, pp. 139–160. DOI:10.5772/intechopen.71548





An interesing article about Open Access publications; please take a look:

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We added a section with our research projects and another with our published posters. Have a look inside!!


New Lensen Lab members

Dr. Mathhew A. Adebayo jouned the group as a Postdoc.


Internship for biology technician offered!!!


BSc/MSc students are always welcome. Please contact us.

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  • Hydrogels (PEG-based)

  • Fluoropolymers (PFPE-based)

  • Metallic nanoparticles

  • Composite materials

  • UV-curing chemistry

  • Click-chemistry

  • Cytocompatibility

  • Inherent properties:  Wettability 





  • Patterns of chemistry, topography and elasticity

  • Embedded patterns

  • Pattern transferring

  • µm and nm


  • 2D and 3D


  • Cell adhesion, spreading, migration and proliferation

  • Cytotoxicity tests

  • Protein adsorption

  • Metabolic response

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