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  • Fabian Töppke started his master thesis.

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  • Çiğdem Babalik (Yeşildağ) continued as Postdoc in LensenLab.

  • Tomas Omasta successfully compleated his bachelor thesis.

  • Çiğdem Yeşildağ obtained her PhD dagree mit Auszeichnung“ (summa cum laude). Congratulations!!!

  • James Mc Cormack joined the group as a guest researcher.

  • Dr. Mathew A. Adebayo compleated his Postdoc-work in LensenLab.


  • Zhaofei Ouyang obtained his PhD dagree. Congratulations!!!

  • Dr. Mathew A. Adebayo jouned the group as a Postdoc.

  • We say goodbay to Mehwash Zia and wish her all the best during her study.

  • Mai Vi Bui joined the group for Forschungspraktikum.

  • Tomas  Omasta started his bachelor thesis.

  • Christoph Bartsch is back in the group for starting his PhD.



  • Shirani Anantharajah started her bachelor thesis in LensenLab.

  • A new guest PhD ​student, Mehwash Zia, joined the group.

  • We say goodbye to Dr. Gonzalo de Vicente and thank him for his great supports and helps in LensenLab.

  • Arina Tyushina is back in the group as a scientific worker.

  • Constanca Junior and Hamidreza Pirmahboub successfully finished their master degrees.

  • Hamidreza Pirmahboub has joined the group as our new master student.


  • Costança Junior has joined the group for her Master thesis.

  • Fang Ren successfully defended her PhD work. Congratulations!!!

  • Dr. Zhang and Dr. de Vicente are back the group.

  • Arina Tyushina succesfully finished her master degree.


  • Currently, we have a new Master student in the group: Arina Tyushina

  • Rahima Rahman, a guest PhD student, joined the group

  • Gonzalo de Vicente Lucas and Zhenfang Zhang obteined their PhD degrees. Congratulations!!!



  • Çiğdem Yeşildağ started her PhD in the Lensen Lab.

  • We have two new bachelor students in the group: Stefanie Gabler and Christoph Bartsch.

  • Manar Arfeh obtained her PhD degree. Congratulations!!!

  • Çiğdem Yeşildağ and Mishu Sarqume successfully finished their master degrees.



  • Axel Löbus and Christine Strehmel successfully defended their PhD theses, and the new colleague Tina Sabel, too. Congratulations!!!

  • A new colleague, Zahofei Ouyang (Frank) started his PhD with a stipend from the Chinese Scholarship Council.

  • Paul Gruner finished his bachelor degree.

  • Two master students, Çiğdem Yeşildağ and Mishu Sarqume, and one bachelor student, Paul Gruner, joined the group.



  • Vera Schulte received her PhD degree „mit Auszeichnung“ (summa cum laude). Congratulations!!!

  • Ren Fang has started her PhD with a stipend from the Chinese Scholarship Council.



  • Marga gave the plenary, opening lecture at Euro Biomat Conference in Jena.

  • Axel won the first poster prize at the same conference.

  • Christine won a poster prize in Dublin at the ESB conference!

  • Jenny (Dr. Jingyu Chen) has returned to the Lensen Lab!

  • From the 1st of July, a new PhD student, Gonzalo de Vicente Lucas, has joined the team.

  • A BIG NSE fellow, Manar Arafeh, has joined the Lensen Lab as a PhD student.



  • Lensen Lab publication in the news:

  • New publication, the 3rd on PFPE this year, accepted by Biomaterials!

  • Two new PhD students; Christine Strehmel and Axel Loebus (both DE) have joined the team.

  • Lensen Lab celebrates the opening of the new labs at TU-Berlin on 01.07.2010

  • Since May 2010, Aniek Jongerius (NL) has joined the team.

  • 2 new papers on PFPE accepted; 1 in Nanotechnology and 1 in Acta Biomaterialia!

  • We say goodbye to Jenny (Dr. Jingyu Chen) after 2.5 years in the Lensen Lab…

  • Two new colleagues, Dr. Zhikun Zheng and Zengfang Zhang (CN), joined the team.

  • Dr. Susan Kelleher (IR) joined the team

  • From March 2010 on, Marga is Junior Professor at the TU Berlin.

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