Current research projects

"8 arm-Poly(ethylene glycol) Based hydrogels via Michael addition or click chemistry"

- We aim to create innovative multi-arm PEG hydrogels with different functional groups to explore new polymerization chemistries. These gels open, as well, a door to the further functionalization of pre-polymerized hydrogels (post-gelation reactivity).

"Gold nanoparticle-hydrogel nanocomposites"

- Gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) have very interesting properties such as their localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) and the capacity to interact with many biological molecules. The integration of both materials, AuNPs and hydrogels, present promising applications in the field of biomaterial science, such as biosensors.

"Development of surface micro- and nano-patterning techniques with gold nanoparticles and hydrogels: Patterning Nanocomposite Materials by the FIMIC Method"

- Unique nanocomposite biomaterials are formed by patterning Au NPs on PEG-based hydrogels. Cells selectively adhere to and migrate on those patterns. Implications for cell viability and proliferation are being quantified.

"Cell adhesion and Migration: Control of cell migration on physically and mechanically patterned biomaterials"

- Cellular migration is a key phenomenon in many biological processes. We want to understand how external factors, such as topographic and elastic differences, affect cell displacement and to direct and control this by modifying the pattering of the external stimuli at the cell-substrate interface.

"Integration of 3D patterned hydrogels for intraocular, functional-enhanced lenses (INDRIEL)"

- The project aims in the development and investigation of a novel material for intraocular lens implants, enabling optical and mechanical structuring of the volume as well as of the surface, respectively. Based on such a material composition, adapted for photoinduced crosslinking by means of volume holographic techniques, a new type of intraocular lenses (IOLs) would be implementable, operating by means of 'function by structure'.

Completed projects

Conjugation of engineered proteins to reactive hydrogels via “thiol-ene UV-click chemistry”

(2016) Collaboration with Prof. Nediljko Budisa, TU Berlin, Germany

Investigation of the cellular response to PEG-based hydrogels by means of metabolic profiling

(2012) Collaboration with Dr. Nadine Strehmel, IPB-Halle, Germany

Laser assisted patterning of polymers on (bio)functionalized surfaces 

(2011) Collaboration with Prof. Andreas Lasagni, Fraunhofer IWS/TU Dresden, Germany 

Development of gold nanoparticle patterning methods, and fabrication of nanopatterned electrodes, for the selective immobilisation of enzymes and redox proteins

(2010) Collaboration with Prof. Anna Fischer, Uni Freiburg, Germany

Enzymatically crosslinked hyperbranched polyglycerol hydrogels as scaffolds for living cells

(2010) Collaboration with Prof. Rainer Haag, FU Berlin, Germany

Van der Waals nanomaterials for optical and electronic applications

(2009) Collaboration with Prof. Andrey Turchanin, Uni Jena and Prof. Armin Gölzhäuser, Uni Bielefeld, Germany

Experimental and theoretical investigations of cell migration on physically and mechanically patterned biomaterials

(2008) Collaboration with Prof. Paolo Netti, University of Naples, Italy

Brownian motion of living and migrating cells

(2008) Collaboration with Prof. Roumen Tsekov, University of Sofia, Bulgaria

Macrophage response to micro- and nanopatterned biomaterials; dependence on geometry, size and periodicity

(2008) Collaboration with Prof. Gabriele Zwadlo-Klarwasser, IZKF, Uniklinik/RWTH Aachen , Germany

Perfluoropolyether elastomer as soft mold material in nanoimprint lithography

(2007) Collaboration with Prof. Andreas Offenhäusser, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany